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What's the Dealio?

After decades of slogging away in cubicles without windows, and watching 90% of my nestegg disappear in the collapse of 2009, I have decided it’s time to finally do something that the world deems necessary and worthy of compensation, but which I’m reasonably good at and also ENJOY doing. I've avoided suffering for my art (by suffering in other ways) for long enough! 
Short-term, my goal is to publish a collection of anecdotes I’ve written, some of which people who are not my relatives say are highly entertaining.  Seriously.  (OK, I'm blushing a lil' bit.)

For decades I've been intending to publish a book, but life keeps getting in the way.  Your support will encourage me to focus on completing this project. Every little bit of guilt helps!

It's just me running the show.  I research, write, edit, illustrate (like a demented 3rd grader) content for books and films, while also managing social media and web development aspects.

Longer-term, I aspire to complete several projects and run a self-publishing empire.  This is a chance to invest in DaveCoin, er, I mean to contribute a bit of coin and help sustain the illusion I'm harboring that I can do this.  

What to Expect:

  • Meaningful entertainment.  Clever-yet-accessible writing and art with enough depth to engender life-affirming thoughts and feelings that hopefully will have a ripple effect and ultimately reduce the odds of mankind going poof.
  • No strings attached.  There's no business model trickery here. No content gates. No selling of data. I have a website and an occasional newsletter, period. (Ideally a book soon, too!)
  • Non-partisan tone.  Though my outputs might not always achieve a moderate stance, they are NOT intended to support or defame any particular political or religious group.


How much does this project cost to run per month?
From $100 to $10,000, depending on expenses and my “salary”. 

What's the money used for eggzactly?
The goal is to cover website development, web hosting costs, Facebook post "boosts", other basic promotion, LLC admin costs, and eventually, my basic needs (and maybe even health insurance).

What Peeps Be Sayin' About Stuff I Wrote:

“What an incredible story, Dave. I'm so glad you shared this. Not only is it heartwarming but a reminder to trust your instincts.”  -- Tacey Mask Tucker

“That's an awesome story, David. The world needs more people like you.” -- Marty Olsen

“A powerful story. Thanks for sharing this.” -- Christina Welsh

“What an inspiring story. So glad you were there and that you cared.” -- Deb McIntyre

“Lovely story, David, and well done!” -- Helen Baines

“Another great story! Keep them coming. I am really enjoying your writing. You do need to finish a book.” -- Denise Trent Casey Gallardo

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This amount will enable me cover aforesaid mentioned expenses and hire a starving student to design the cover art and do rough illustrations for some of the stories.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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