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About Harlevin Studios

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Harlevin (HARLEVIsual Novels, previously Minyan Studios) is a visual novel studio that creates primarily romance VNs in a fantasy setting. My goal is to create unique content with unforgettable characters, while playing around with traditional VN gameplay

The name "Harlevin" was inspired by my very first and ongoing project, Arena Circus, and is a play on the word "Harlequin." The circus theme seems only appropriate for the sort of VNs I like to create. I dabble in a wide range of genres, from fantasy and sci-fi, to drama, comedy, and a dash of horror. So as one patron said, there's plenty of room in the big top! You don't need to run away to join the circus.

Basically, Patreon allows me to spend more time focusing on content creation. I'd like to make my games even better in the future, So as my base grows, I plan on commissioning other artists to help with backgrounds and music, as those are my two weakest areas. I want to give you guys the best possible VN experience!

I am a one woman team, so please be patient with me. I give progress updates here twice a month:
  • Posts for Ringmasters and up with CG WIPs and scenes from unreleased games.
  • General updates 
There are also various polls for all patrons as issues come up, and the occasional announcement, so keep an eye out! I post weekly status updates on the  tumblr, and tweet daily about progress on my projects. I am often on the discord server answering questions, fixing bugs, or posting WIPs. Questions, comments, concerns, feel free to e-mail me any time at: [email protected]

I've worked on a lot of other games, and I am also a member of the VN studio Fablesoft studios! You can check out other VNs I've worked on here!

Want to support me but don’t want to make a monthly commitment? 

Buy me a ko-fi here!
$78.29 of $200 per month
I'll hire a background artist to help me get high quality games out faster.
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