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The entry level tier. Here you get access to work in progress on seminars and other materials, as well as thoughts from my own training that I think might be useful.
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The Day Class is where we focus on actionable self-defence within traditional martial arts.

What you will get here is:

  • Articles and videos on integrating self-defence in traditional martial arts while staying grounded in reality
  • Drills and tactics to make this actionable in your training, with an initial focus on soft skill
  • Breakdowns of relevant research papers on self-defence and related subjects
Thank you very much for your support at this level, it means a lot to me.
PS: Night Class is coming soon!
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About Harm and Harmony

Harm and Harmony is dedicated to providing guidance on realistic self-defence, useful personal development and effective teaching methodology within traditional martial arts.

We'll explore "real" self-defence, from what sensible self-defence advice looks like to effective drills for making physical skills more accessible under realistic conditions. We will go into detail on how to include these things in your training, and in your classes if you teach; we'll analyse the best research that is available on the subject and what it means for you; review the work of other experts and how it can be useful; and last but not least explore the ideas found in traditional arts, where they came from and how they translate to the modern context.

My name is Dan Trailescu, and with 15 years of martial arts experience, focused on Aikido and reality-based self-defence, I teach communication, conflict resolution, and self-defence to university students, martial artists and business professionals. I hold a 3rd degree black belt in Aikido and am a certified instructor for Conflict Communications, as well as having completed instructor development courses with Chiron Training and Conflict Research group international. I also have a postgraduate degree in Counselling Studies, with a focus on the psychology of self-defence instruction, and run Luceo Training Ltd, a communication skills training company.

By supporting my Patreon you enable me to spend more time and resources to create top quality content. For this I am truly thankful. Take a look around, decide what level of support is comfortable for you, and enjoy the content.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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