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One man band from Norway, trying to make some easylistening metal for the public! But I really really cant sing, so there is sessionvocalist on the song for now! I want to be able to at least finish up an album with 10-13 tracks, but it takes time and the vocals cost money, so any support will be.. well, I will do a little happydance for every single dime that enter this site! Hope you enjoy my music, and if you are singer and want to maybe lay down some vocals on one of my upcoming tracks, do contact me! I dont have alot of money to offer, but will credit you everywhere the song is played..of course! :) cheers!
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This is to cover the vocals, the mix and master(I do that myself now, but need a pro if this is going to hit the streets for real) and the cost of printing and distributing the music, and maybe I can take a few hours of at my daytimejob to make some music, free up some time!
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