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Hey there,

As written above, I'm Harrison- and I'm a former monastic exploring the American country-side pen in hand. I'm an artist- I like to paint, draw, construct- and a musician. Making music with friends was something that defined my life prior to choosing the monastic route. I finished up three years of intense monastic training two months ago and am now exploring my life and the world with fresh eyes. I would like to invite you to join me on my exploration. By becoming my patron you'll get to witness and comment on expressions and fresh insights from my journey- likely in the form of song, image, vlog or blog. I would like to lend some of my experience into how to go about meditation- I plan on making some instructive vlogs. But I also just want to create! 

Satoru (Harrison)
$22 of $500 per creation
This January, I'm planning on teaming up with my former collaborative partner-in-crime- Lukas Phelan. Luke and I were in a band together as young folk- and for the first time in 8 years, are planning on making some serious music together. By that I mean, we're planning on taking the first three weeks of January to ourselves as a kind of intensive, music- making residency. Luke has the studio- and I the time. Help me reach my goal of making $2000 to finance the project and make working with Luke in the future a sustainable possibility. We're planning on pumping out the tunes- and recording what we create- so you can bet on getting a handful of recordings, an ep or even possibly an album from helping to contribute towards making this goal a reality.
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