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Hi all!

If you don’t already know me I am the creator & editor of Marine Madness, a popular marine biology blog dedicated to ‘shining a light on the weird & wonderful creatures of our oceans and the important issues that face them in a changing world’. On the blog I write articles about interesting & important advancements in marine biology research, underwater technologies and ocean conservation. In addition to reviewing underwater photography, collating relevant videos, showcasing ocean artwork and running a monthly book club, as well as hosting passionate guest writers and helping them tell their own ocean stories.

Initially a passion project designed to give me a safe space to practise and share my writing, the blog is now becoming increasingly popular and enjoyed by thousands of monthly ocean enthusiasts from around the world. Given this recent success I want to try and turn the site into a full-time enterprise so it can continue to grow and hopefully promote positive change. However to do this I need to be able to make some money so I can continue to devote my time and energy to running the site and increase the amount and variety of content I can produce.

I am turning to patreon to do this because I do not want to have to rely on advertisements, sponsorships or paywalls on the site. Not only because it would majorly detract from the users experience, but because I want to retain complete creative control and produce independent, high quality and bias free content. If you can help me out by becoming a supporter I would be eternally grateful and your money will be put to good use to help increase science communication for marine biology and ocean conservation.

£15 of £500 per month
This amount would allow me to continue to run Marine Madness in its current capacity and continue to produce content for the foreseeable future (whilst also working part-time jobs and writing freelance articles). Given that I currently make no money from the site reaching this goal would be a massive first step in turning the site into the full-time enterprise I know it can be.
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