HartLife NFP is creating Our Fair City

$1 /mo
Science Faire Participant

Our Thanks! A sincere thank you for your hard earned credits from the HartLife team, and a promise that no one wi...

$5 /mo
Loyal Policy

Official Policy Certificate:
You will receive a Personalized Policy Certificate (delivered electronically) with your name, Policy number, and c...

$8 /mo
Lightning Rigger

Ringtones! We'll send you three Our Fair City Ringtones (a quote from Dr. West, the MolePeople, and the Our Fair City theme song), plus

$14 /mo

Shout out on the Air: After three months at this level, we'll do a shout-out to you (or anyone else you'd like) at the end of an episode of Our Fair...

$25 /mo
Rogue Scientist

Dr. West records your voicemail!  We'll record a short voicemail message in the voice of Dr. Herbert West (or a character o...

$50 /mo
Vice President

One-on-one Consultation
: For every six months at this level, you'll get an hour long one-on-one consultation or conversation with someone fr...