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About HashtagHope

HashtagHope is simple.

We create strategic content with the goal of inspiring perseverance towards the future.

We want to inspire Hope.

HashtagHope is an organization that's goal is to inspire perseverance for the future. We do this through inspirational writings, storytelling, songs, concept art, poetry, social media campaigns, motivational speaking, direct one on one counseling, and branding.

Since 2013 we have been strategically placing ourselves in places that we feel are hurting. Anywhere from highschools to your instagram feed, we want to be there, sharing an idea, thought, or message about Hope.

By supporting us on Patreon you are supporting a group of dedicated individuals who have their own personal stories to share. You are supporting artist and musicians. Speakers, and writers. You are fueling a social media campaign that is currently reaching thousands of people around the world. You are filling a gas tank of a vehicle that is traveling hours away to speak a message of hope. You are supporting website fee's to allow others to share their stories through our blog.

You are supporting content creators who believe in the power and importance of the message of hope. You are a part of making a difference. You are a part of changing lives... of saving lives.

You are hope.

$299 of $1,000 per month
Enough to have 1 full time employee. His name is Nick.
From Car insurance, to internet connections. We are doing this with passion!
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