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Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! Join me on stream to vote on the circumstances the players will run into! Send me a PM with your twitch name and I'll add you to the list!
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Hey there guys! I'm just a GM that has a lot of fun producing my own materials, collaborating with others, and promoting the things that I love! Any contributions go directly to increasing the quality of the broadcast and the experience for both you and the players! The more money we make, the more fun I can bring to you! Don't forget to go support Open Legend RPG, the system I helped work on at http://openlegendrpg.com.

For anyone that supports me, I thank you so very much! I will use your donations to help make all of our experiences more fun and satisfying for everyone!
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At $25/month, I can afford to subscribe to D&D Beyond, Roll20, and a few other resources I can use to make our games that much better! 
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