Simon Woodington is creating texture art and fictional stories.

A Tip in the Hat

$1 /mo
It's a fedora, if you're wondering. Yes friends, if you like what you're seeing (as in reading and playing), consider ponying up just a dollar a month as a sign of encouragement. There's nothing qu...

You just bought me lunch!

$5 /mo
I know, $5 isn't much for lunch, but boy does it feel good to buy someone else lunch. Well, it does when you like that person, and I do hope the feeling is mutual!

Rewards in...


The Tier that eats like a meal.

$10 /mo
What I'm suggesting is that you get - almost - the whole enchilada with this tier, and for the time being this is the big meal deal. This may change in the future, but for now, here's what's on off...