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About The Haus of Johannx

O hey, who's that girl over there?

O hai, it's your friendly polynymous, polyamorous, polyglot named after the Goddess of Spring Grass, a Tlingon Engineer, and the Clouds. These are her face names (after the Hanar of Mass Effect): Chloe, B'ellana, and Nebulx, the names she uses to face the world. But I'd like to tell you about her heart name, Llana, and who she/they are.

Llana is a 32 year old disabled trans womxn of color living in adult family care home in Lakewood, WA because she requires 24-hour care for her ailments. Because of this, the state takes 94% of her income (which is $750/month Supplemental Security Income), leaving her with just $50/month, $30 of which goes to her cellphone. $20/month is nothing to live on, and she’s going to need clothes, medications, specialty supplements and the like, as well as the regular creature comforts that we’re all used to, all while being unable to earn money due to the legal requirements of Social Security.

But that’s not all of what Llana is. Llana is a friend. She’s a lover. She’s a confidante and a source of wisdom to her community. She has a bachelors in English and German Literature and she has nearly twenty years of experience with writing, editing, workshopping, art, and design. She’s a poet and cat mom. She’s a vital part of this world.

And she’s an artist, continually producing poems and chapbooks and designs which have been published around the web and united states. It’s at the intersection of this great need and Llana’s great talents that a solution lies.

That sounds staggering--I want to help. What would you do with my money?

We, a consortium of her close friends, will collect funds and help Chloe/B’ellana/Nebulx to pay for her needs each month and to build both a savings and credit for when she’s able to return to independent living. Your support would enable her to both live a quality life and also to produce art, printed copies of her zines and posters. She also seeks to produce podcasts and video essays, so your gift of patronage would go toward software and equipment. With time, we hope that Llana can turn this art practice into a full time job to secure her future financial freedom.

Okay, I’m Sold. But I gotta ask, do I get anything out of it besides the knowledge I helped someone down on their luck?

Depending on their reward level, patrons get updates about what I’m working on, access to Llana’s current and past archive of unpublished/to-be-published work, group and 1:1 workshop/intuitive services, immortalization recognition in her printed/video work, signed copies of hard format printed work, and an invitation to a monthly Discord hangout where Llana will do things from meditations, shadow work, tarot readings, and AMAs.

How Often Should I Expect New Content?

Llana has the personal goal of creating a zine profile with 8-12 issues annually, as well as 2-4 chapbooks/books per year with one major project per month. She will do her best to arrange coupon codes with her publishers for her patrons so that they can get copies of her hard format published work at a more affordable cost. She plans to arrange content output first by season, then by month. You should also expect new drafts and a tinyletter each month with content coming to patrons on a semi-weekly basis.
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When we reach $500/month, Llana will seek out artists from their/her patrons to add illustrations to her zines, adding to the quality of their products and building community. She will also punch up the print quality of her products.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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