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About Have Book Will Travel

Have Book Will Travel is an online literary resource that helps connect authors looking for reading/event opportunities with reading series and venues seeking to book authors.   We provide free listings for authors, reading series, and venues. (And we'll soon be adding listings for places to stay while on tour!)

With your help and financial support,  Have Book Will Travel can be a valuable tool for authors, reading series, and instructors--together we can make planning a reading or a book tour easier and less confusing for all involved and make more authors and a greater diversity of voices available to more venues.  Your contribution enables me to devote more time to preparing and publishing profiles, improving web functionality, and reaching out to more reading series and venues.

A little about myself 
My name is Neil Aitken and I am both a self-employed writer, creative writing coach, and web designer (visit me online  here).  A former computer games programmer, I left that industry in 2004 to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing at UC Riverside. Since then I've written and published a lot of poems, have founded a very successful literary journal, and have completed a PhD in Literature and Creative Writing at USC.  As the author of two books of poetry and a poetry chapbook, the challenges of planning book tours and scheduling events are ones I'm well acquainted with.  Rather than wishing something existed that would make my life easier, I resolved in 2015 to build this site and make something that could help other authors, hosts of reading series, and others interested in connecting with authors who might not initially be on their radars.

Why is this needed?

Problem 1:  Most authors aren't well known outside of their own state and/or literary community.  Without major national/international media coverage,  it can be hard to achieve the type of visibility and notoriety that leads others to contact you directly.  Authors have to hustle to be seen and noticed.  But how will people know where to find you if they don't know you exist?

Problem 2:  Most reading series aren't well known outside of their communities and regions.  While reading series sponsored by major universities and a few well-known literary non-profits may have a brand that is recognized and remembered, most reading series tend to feature authors predominantly from their local community and neighboring cities.  While it may be good to support local talent, many of these series would also love to attract authors who are traveling through on book tours, but do not know how to reach them.

Problem 3:  Most creative writing and literature instructors are familiar with only a small pool of authors who would be willing to visit their classrooms.  Often these instructors end up inviting authors they know personally or local authors who have been recommended to them, while wishing for a larger more diverse pool of voices and experiences to call on.  With video conferencing technology (Skype and similar programs), it also possible to bring in a guest author from anywhere via the internet -- but which authors are available and how best to approach them?

What HBWT (Have Book Will Travel) accomplishes

By providing a single online destination that gathers both  profiles of authors interested in traveling to and/or videoconferencing in for a reading and profiles of reading series interested in attracting authors from outside their community, HBWT creates a one-stop searchable database to bring authors and reading series together. 

You can use HBWT in the following ways

1.  Look for reading series in your state or in a state you would like to visit.
2.  Look for authors in a particular state
3.  Look for authors within a particular genre (Creative Non-Fiction, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry)
4.  Search for authors and reading series that match particular keywords.
5 . Locate authors by particular tags (eg. Western, Memoir, Fantasy, Lyric Poetry, etc).

To learn more about Have Book Will Travel

Please visit us online -  http://www.havebookwilltravel.com

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