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As a member of the Have Such A Good Day Coast Guard, you are keeping this boat afloat! Which is good, because you're also in the boat. Just $1/month (one quarter per show) is all it takes. Because of the overwhelming feedback to make our ad-free video show free, you’ll have access to all our Patreon Lens content and we'll put your name in lights on our HSGD Coast Guard hall of fame page because you deserve praise. Our eternal thank you for swimming.

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For $5/month you’ll automatically get a bonus (and maybe a little deeper/personal) topic that *you get to choose* in each episode. Every week we’ll post a poll (you can post topic ideas on the community board) and whatever topic wins, we will discuss on the show (subject matter within reason, of course). And there's more! You have exclusive access to our Have Such A Good Day Discord community where we’ll all hang out and chat about show topics, life, whatever, in the comfort of our indoor pants. Help us choose good content, get to know each other, and make some new buds. Plus all the perks at the $1 level. We want you to have a good day, that’s our goal. But if you want hang out a bit longer, let’s get weird.

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For $10/month, you get an exclusive extra lil random surprise something (video, newsletter, photo slideshow) each week where we document our life adventures (hikes, road trips, urban fun, and more). Plus, you have access to our Have Such A Good Day Discord community, and your name will be added to our end of show credit roll, forever into infinity (as long as you still love us). Join us, if you dare.



About Have Such A Good Day


So, who are we? We're Heather and Sarah. We're nice. We talk a lot. We want you to have such a good day so we're making that exact show for you each week! Current events, internet gems, modern social weirdness, music, TV, tech, science... all from the POV of two 80s kids trying to find the humor and irony in everyday adult life.

A little more background here: We've been friends and co-workers in a slew of productions for 18 years. We’ve moved back and forth from SF to LA twice to work for the same companies. Coincidence? We think not. Fate? Clearly. And finally, miraculously, the universe has thrown us back together again during a time when we’re both freelancing to finally do what we’ve always wanted to do: our own independent show. We want to open up our never-ending conversations to a whole community (that's you!). It's a dream come true for us just to have the chance to try it out. And we sure hope you like it too, and possibly even help us grow the dream along the way.

We specifically chose Patreon to be our home because it’s a wonderful community, we love how shows thrive here, and we really like the idea of growing our project without advertisements. Our Patreon model will evolve with your feedback.

We’re simultaneously launching an audio and a (scrappy) video version of the show, but we have loftier goals! We want to hire super talented audio engineer and music composer Harry Blake to take the show to another level. Harry's a true pro in all the ways we aren't, and we're really excited to work with him regularly. Also, since we are in fact TV producers, we ultimately want to make a real show with a bomb set and a few crew members and expand the whole thing. Producing a show is a lot of work, especially for just two little people, and we want to do it right. And maybe down the line, our other myriad show ideas in our super secret content vault will see the light of day. Thank you in advance and remember, we’re all in this together. Have such a good day.

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