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Hi there, Hayven here!

I create informative World of Warcraft videos. Now, first of all I would like to narrow this very general category down a bit before we continue. Let me clarify; if you are searching for information about how to be top DPS in a raid or how to destroy the competition in PVP, then my content is not for you. I am right with you down at the bottom of the DPS list.

However, have you ever wondered how World of Warcraft has evolved over the years? Perhaps you have sometimes been curious as to why you are not allowed to fly in Silvermoon or Exodar while it is possible in the rest of the game? Or maybe you have found yourself in Dragonsoul asking yourself how Blizzard managed to make it possible to let you fight a dragon on its back high up in the sky?

Now these are the kinds of questions you will get answered on my channel. I focus on the history, evolution, secrets and game design of World of Warcraft. Azeroth is a massive world, which has evolved for more than a decade in Wow, and even longer in the RTS games. It is a living, breathing thing that I believe should be preserved.

A few examples of what I am creating:

My most popular videos are the heavily researched, lengthy evolution series where I choose a topic in the World of Warcraft and showcase how it has evolved through time. It could be anything from a beloved raid like Karazhan, a mythical weapon like Ashbringer or an important NPC like Sylvanas Windrunner.

The EVOLUTION of Karazhan

Another big focus on my channel is to uncover secrets and mysteries within the World of Warcraft. A great example of this is the snake which lurks in Gundrak that has eluded players for years and years. Why is it there? What is on the other end of that wiggly tail? Watch the video and find out!

The Mystery of the Gundrak Snake Tail

As a third and last example, this is a video which looks deeper into the question why you cannot fly in the starting zones for Blood Elves and Draeneis when it is possible basically everywhere else. The answer lies in a series of design choices the developers made a decade ago when releasing the expansion "The Burning Crusade". As it turns out, there is a lot more to Quel'Thalas and Azuremyst Isles than meets the eyes.

Why You Can't Fly in Exodar and Silvermoon

So these are basically the things I do. In short, I look at Warcraft from a different perspective. If this interests you (and if you can stand my accent which is so Swedish I should be sponsored by IKEA), then welcome to Hayven Games!

Will there be reward tiers?

Initially, I am not planning on doing any reward tiers. I am currently going through intensive cancer treatment and will look into this more in the future. Right now, all I can offer is my sincere gratitude for your support.
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If I could reach this goal, I would purchase a new secondary monitor to help in creating my content. It would help a lot to reduce the hassle of editing and enable me to produce more efficiently.
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