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About Hazel Mandala

Im Hazel Mandala

This page, is a call to support the world you wish to see.
Thank you for choosing to support my vision through this patreon.

I am creating visual works bridging traditions in eastern art and plant medicine transmitted through mandalic form/ leadlight windows and many other visual artforms. My Intention is to anchor an innate wisdom from the past and plants into the present awareness of the viewers. Through anchoring geometric patterns from inner worlds. To assist as an inspiration generator and stabilize frequencies from the alternative spaces to help us here on the planet. My field of work is in , architecture, wooden sculpture, leadlight windows + herbal preparations.

As an artist, we mostly give out free content - yet still have to pay the bills and fund our projects. Materials for works are expensive, and there is a constant battle of working all week to fund the art. Many great artists in the past, Leonardo, Michelangelo ect, all could do what they did, because they where supported by either rich patreons, or the church. Thus, in our modern day, we do not tend to support our artists unless they have a product to buy, thus. comerciallising the industry. and the artist has to sell out, make tshirts ect. to support their craft.

So to sustain this work as a full time creator, I need help from people like yourself as a patron to keep that vision into reality. If you feel its worth seeing my art, I will be eternally grateful for any contribution and your support in helping me achieve the vision. A small tip can go along way.
The more i can focus on this work, the better the output. and more work can go out into the world.

I am raising funds to purchase lab ware for alchemy. and a CNC router for The wood work mandalas. Thank you for your contribution towards this vision.
We are all creative in our unique expression. I hope that this page will inspire you to follow your talent in your own way. This is just a beginning of this patreon, so expect improvements and more rewards / opportunity to come as this journey unfolds. Yet I look forward to being a teacher as much as a student, and growing together as a creative community here and in the physical

Thank you for your support.
Warm regards,
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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