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Hazelnut Grove began in September 2015, when a group of advocates from the community helped organize people sleeping in tents between N. Greeley and N. Interstate. The city of Portland provided fencing, access to water from Overlook Park, a dumpster, and two port-a-potties. With an outpouring of community support, the Grove went from being a group of campers to a village, a community resource for people experiencing houselessness. Many former residents have moved on, taking advantage of new opportunities in the areas of permanent housing, education, and work. Their time at the Grove has been key in helping them make these transitions.

At the Grove, with help from other volunteers, we cooperatively build, operate, and maintain our community, with tasks including gardening, food prep, water supply runs, and construction of pathways, movable tiny houses, and communal structures. We make extensive use of solar panels, propane, and gas generators. We're essentially living off-grid in an urban environment, pioneering a new low-income housing solution.

Feel free to stop by the Grove, have a cup of coffee, join us for a meal, and/or join our Saturday morning meetings.

We're always on the lookout for volunteering opportunities -- please let us know how we can help.


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