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My extreme thanks - and a for sure attempt at making sure we get you a new profile picture every time we at the same event. So many #Hazin profile pictures are out there on facebook, twitter, and beyond, lets make sure yours is always up to date!    You will also see my Patreon posts containing hard to find or unseen photos.  

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Not only will we attempt to get your next Profile Photo at each event.  Are you tired of asking photographers if you can use thier photos on social media or in flyers or get them printed out? - all Patrons at this level are welcome to do so as long as the pictures are not used for profit.  Want to see new photos the day I finish them? Tired of waiting weeks after a event? We will make sure you see them as they go up rather then waiting for the Hazin Page or Juggalo News Page get updated.

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Same benefits as lower Tiers, but I owe you at least One 8"x10" Print from the http://hazin.me photo catalog.  These would be great for autographs or to give your Mom!




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Fuck GoFundMe Accounts Right?!?!  So now that, that's out of the way.   This Patreon thing is new to me, I have seen a few people use it with some success.

So your interested in helping me out?  What do I need money for?  Well I don't need any money when I die, i have life insurance for that, I don't have any type of huge pending medical situation, I have medical insurance for that... I don't need you to buy me a vehicle so I can not travel around in it, I don't need to fix a computer or a phone.... Now that I have probably offended a few people including friends, fans, and even customers...  Lets get serious... I guess what I'm getting at is this.

I run a website http://juggalonews.net that has a monthly cost, I do photography which also has a monthly cost http://hazin.me. I also would like to think I'm mildly entertaining with comments and reviews on social media.  http://fb.com/alethal If any of that has ever made you smile on more then one occasion and you think, man it would be awesome if he got up more content or better content... You can help out with that.   On top of that monthly cost, new equipment costs is crazy, gas money, hotel money, child care costs and so much other stuff people don't seem to realize.

I cant promise you the first 3,000 that comes in is gonna buy a new camera or lens, or that the Jnews site is going to get some fresh new feature each month.  But I can tell you it will be hugely appreciated, and will be put to good use whether I feel like I need to feed the kids, or get some camera equipment.  

So what would I be getting if this brings in some solid money?

Equipment Wise:
A switch from Canon to Sony?  Camera and Lenses
Storage (Both Digital and Bags)

Sending more staff to shows (Tickets, Gas)

If this pops off and it makes sense, Patron's will receive Photo Prints, T-Shirts, and Beyond....   Maybe even Photo Print T-Shirts, the stuff music labels have been reluctant to do even?
$23.02 of $200 per month
This monthly thing just seems weird to me rather then a flat amount!  I mean I could easily Spend thousands on Photography Equipment right now If i could afford it.  This is roughly just the cost of being a site owner and photographer monthly. It's nuts and I don't think people realize.  But If we reach 2 dollars a month ill be surprised to be honest...
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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