$1 /mo
My extreme thanks - and a for sure attempt at making sure we get you a new profile picture every time we at the same event. So many #Hazin profile pictures are out there on facebook, twitter, and...

$3 /mo
Tired of asking photographers if you can use thier photos on social media or in flyers or get them printed out? - all Patrons at this level are welcome to do so as long as the pictures are not used...

$8 /mo
One 8"x10" Print from the http://hazin.me photo catalog.  These would be great for autographs or to give your Mom!

$25 /mo
One T-Shirt from Jnews Store. (ill need to know your size/style wanted)

$40 /mo
Custom Made All Over Print Shirt from my photography - OK - we all know you seen that Shaggy Shirt, etc... Everyone wanted that freshness... You pick the photo of mine and Ill make it work on a shi...