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About HazvsRPG

Hello! I'm Haz, Dedicated RPG Streamer, Youtuber & RPG Fanatic!

I have been working as a sculptor/artist in video games, film and collectible industries for the last 18 years on franchises like Lord of the Rings, League of Legends & Kingdom Death.

This Patreon is about sharing that passion for RPG's with you!

I would like to share some checklists and guides with you all that are born from the fact that I tend to have loot, quest and collectible OCD when it comes to my RPG playthrough style (which you can catch live on twitch - please come and say hello!)

Because of this, I document and collect information then display it in a way that allows me to collect and check off things as I move through an RPG that im playing.

Much of this information exists out there, but the vast majority of it is in pieces scattered all over the place. Sometimes, even official guidebooks have a way of providing information in such a convoluted way it makes my head hurt! Does needing 4 bookmarks in one guidebook to track the info on one piece of equipment sound familiar!?

While making these lists I will grab all the relevant info and put them together in a way that makes sense for me and gives my anxiety a nice comforting pat on the head.

I spend hours and hours doing this for my own sake and have done so for YEARS! - Then decided, maybe this will help other RPG gamers out there just like myself!

Working on creating RPG related content has been a life long dream of mine (truly it has, people who have known me since I was a child will tell you this!) and this Patreon is another small piece of moving forward in doing just that.

I hope you are able to get some value out of the mini-guides/checklists and other content as well as enjoying the artwork I hope to eventually make and share with you all.

I'm always open to chat in the discord about any of the stuff that will be here.

Lastly, if you have just become a patron, and want to jump straight to the goodies! Feel free to search for the 'Checklist' tag and that will take you straight to the goodies!

Happy RPG Gaming!
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By the power of the Legends, If we can reach this goal, I will be blown away!

We will celebrate with a 12 hour stream and talk about some of the plans I have in store for growing this patreon!

I'll be able to dedicate much more monthly time to creating these guides for you all, and cover more RPG's

  • 12 Hour Stream Celebration!

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