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  • You get the ability to join in on the monthly sketch requests, once the milestone is unlocked -- whoo!
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Same rewards as the 1$ tier, plus:
  • Access to clipped previews of upcoming pages [thumbnails or completed]
  • Access to all past vote incentives [this is probably way cooler than it sounds, my vote incentives are usually awesome]
  • Whatever I happen to doodle on the side
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Same rewards as the 2$ tier, plus:
  • You get to see pages in each stage as soon as they are completed!
    Full Disclosure: I am rarely very far ahead with finished pages -- 1 or 2 days at most. The thumbnail(sketched) versions of the pages are usually at least 5 updates (1+ month) ahead of the website, though, so this is mostly what you would get out of this tier.
    thumbnail example:




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About Heather Meade

Hello! Heather Meade here! I'm the writer and artist for dream*scar, an urban fantasy webcomic that started up in 2009. If you're here, I figure you've probably already read it, but if for some strange reason you just happened to stumble across this place:

[about the comic]
In a world where creatures of myth and lore have become public knowledge...

Vix knows she is an Unhuman. She knows how they are treated. But as an Empath, she's always been able to blend into normal high school life, and never had to confront her supernatural parentage... until she loses control of her abilities in a gruesome accident. Now she's forced into hiding, learning everything she never knew about vampires, succubi, werewolves... not to mention her Unhuman family.

Some want to protect her. Others want to use her. But it's not always easy to tell who is friend or foe...

The comic is done in full colour; it will run for 35+ chapters, and updates on Fridays. It is rated PG-16 for violence, language, and some suggestive themes/mild nudity.

[so why patreon?]
d*s is a story that I've picked at since the late 90's, so trust me when I say that I kind of love it to death. But it doesn't pay the bills, and I'm currently unemployed. Why? Because daycare is expensive as crap, y'all. We save more money having me home than we would if we'd put the kiddo in daycare and I'd stayed at my job. Yeah... yeah.

Obviously it's still pretty tight financially to only have one source of income, though. I'm hoping this Patreon take some of the strain off my husband and allow me to contribute something more to our family... basically just making life a little less stressful for us :)

Note: This patreon is set to monthly, so you'll be donating once a month at your chosen amount! If you were just looking to toss me a one time donation, you can do that over here instead!

[so what do i get out of this?]
First off, I'd like to make it clear that I'm not holding d*s hostage! That would be pretty shitty. I'll keep updating it on the site, same as always. So don't worry about that. :'D

That said, I am currently dealing with wrist issues that slow me down, so my update schedule has been slightly slower. I finish a page about every week and a half. Perhaps in the future, I'll be able to update more often again. I'm considering finding a person to do the flats for me...I'll probably add it as a milestone at some point, when I figure out the price for that. I think that would speed things up a bit!

But for now, here's what I can offer my patrons:
  • Monthly sketch requests
  • Early peeks at pages, in completed & thumbnail form, as they are finished
  • Access to all the old vote incentives [ex: side comics, memes, sketches, etc]
  • Possibly peeks at the script? If people are interested? haha...
  • Access to side stories/comics and extra content in general that I haven't shared publicly before, including NSFW things
I think that's it, for now! I'll update this page as I think of more things I can offer. And as always, if you can't afford to become a patron, you can still help by sharing my comic with your friends! :) Word of mouth is my main means of exposure, so every little bit helps. Thanks guys!

$44.18 of $200 per month
I'll do a few sketch requests each month for my Patrons :>
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 166 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 166 exclusive posts

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