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About Health Chronicle

We are Health Chronicle.
We are team of 30 experts from over 20 countries that include:
3 writers, 5 healthcare professionals, 15 animators, 3 videographers, 2 graphic artists, 1 voice artist and 1 mission to improve quality of life across the globe by helping explaining how to keep the body healthy in simple ways. 

We make videos to help explain why some of the lifestyle choices we make may not be healthy. We also do research about existing diseases and try to identify hidden causes at early stages. Then this is presented in the form of animated videos or other forms - whichever seems the best way to portray the content for the younger generations. 

The story goes back years. Our co founders used to teach maths and biology. They realised where gaps occurred in the education system. And felt younger audiences need more visual learning and not just textbooks.

They experienced how easily their young children understood the basics of healthcare when explained logically. How it affected them directly and how it in turn impacted the health of people around them - their parents, their neighbours. They saw individual young children being the centre of change among the broader masses. So they set on a mission to help bring simple health education to the world - one step at a time. The best way to explain children? - Animation. Thats how Health Chronicle started.

Today Health Chronicle helps empower locals in a way no one can, by helping them understand their body, by helping prevent diseases and more over helping them develop a community of mentally and physically healthy people.  

Right now we release one video a week. We want to push this to release more videos but are limited due to financial constraints on our part.

As you can see, all our videos require alot of effort due to their high quality. This is because if we keep the video quality low, the children do not watch, or they do not understand. It's not easy to keep their interest and make them understand certain things. Specially on a recurred basis. Each video takes over a month to research on and then a months animation work is involved.

This includes fact checking, checking ease of understanding, simplifying, storyboarding, illustrations, rejections after which we have ONE video. So you can imagine the kind of effort that goes in. But in the end, when the children understand, it's all worth it. 

To keep making accurate content and better quality videos, we need your Support. We also wish to increase the frequency of the videos and feed our team a decent meal once a while :) . It takes a LOT of effort on their part to keep making such great content for the cause.

You can choose from our various rewards to help the production of our videos. We look forward to your support in educating the world and making it healthier. 


The Health Chronicle Team. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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