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About Houdini Blueprints

Houdini Blueprints plans to become the biggest platform for houdini files on the internet.
You can view them in the browser, upload your scenes and share them with one link (private as well), collect them and browse what others uploaded.
There is propably more knowledge hidden in those files than in any video tutorial on youtube.

  • Share your Houdini files easily with just a short link (private if you want)
  • Collect your own solutions to remember workflows (in your private collections)
  • Learn from other people by browsing through the fast growing database of solutions

And the best is: hdbp.io is completely FREE

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind HDBP.io is currently in BETA. So bugs are not only normal, they are expected at this point. Thanks!

hdbp.io works flawlessley with any forum like odforce and makes it possible for everyone to share houdini files anywhere at anytime.

Don't know where to save your houdini files online?
Want others to see your solution on the fly?
Want to look at a scene without having to open houdini?

hdbp.io is the solution.

Where does the money go?

I opened this patreon page for you to help out a bit covering the server and software costs, but also for getting something back for the hundreds of hours of programming I put into the project so far.

In the interest of transparency here are the current costs of running hdbp.io:
server costs: 69€ ~ 80$ /mo [ 4C 3.0 GHz, 16GB RAM, 1TB space ]
github account: 7$ /mo
PyCharm License: 7£ ~ 9.50$ /mo
GSuite-Account: 4£ ~ 5.50$ /mo
Cloud Backup ~ 10$/mo
= 112 $ /mo

If patreon works out well, I do plan to update the server over time. 
If patreon works out well, I do plan to update to a cloud version of it. (Check the goals :)

Do I need to be a patreon to use the site?

No. Based on the nature of the houdini community I want to keep hdbp.io free for everyone. No subscriptions, no ads, no shops. Just open and free sharing.
(But, you know,...since you're here...maybe donate a buck. Thanks!)

What are the plans for the future?

I have plenty. Just a few ideas planned:
  • bug fixing and performance improvements obviously
  • having a mobile version of the website
  • directly embed a network view in your website/ forum
  • interactive commenting inside the networks (by other users)
  • faster interaction of the website with less site reloading
  • being able to upload your file directly from inside houdini (via the internal browser)
  • own website for vex blueprints
  • calculating the preview pictures on your local machine
  • Moving the website to the cloud

Let's make hdbp.io the best platform for the houdini community!
$106 of $112 per month
Mobile version
The project brings in enough money to work on the mobile version of the site. Exciting!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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