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Well hi there, glad you could make it :)

My name is Greg Zaal and, as I'm sure you know, I create HDRIs.

But not just any HDRIs. I create free, unclipped HDRIs.

"Unclipped" means they're true HDRIs: they contain the full dynamic range of the scene they were captured in. Most HDRIs you come across online, even the paid ones, are "clipped", which means the highest part of the dynamic range is missing, leaving your 3D scene looking fake or just bland. This is not always an easy problem to solve, but I've made it my mission to do it so that you can have the best and most realistic lighting possible right off the bat.

Oh and they're not just free either, they're CC0 - basically public domain. "Public domain" means they belong to the public, the public owns them; you own them. It doesn't get any more free than that, you can literally use them for anything, anywhere, however you like. You can modify them, abuse them and even share them around, all without requiring credit or even mention of where you got them.

This is what freedom is, but it needs your help.

Creating HDRIs is an expensive task - camera equipment and travel costs are notoriously high, often thousands of dollars each, but there are also the day-to-day costs of running a website that makes these massive HDR files available for free.

This is where you come in. With your support, not only can we keep HDRI Haven alive and running, but we can improve it. Higher resolution HDRIs, more of them, more often, and in more interesting places.

How it works:

This Patreon page is not a paywall - by supporting me here, you're helping me create HDRIs that are available to everyone for free. The various reward levels on the right are a way for me to say thank you, allow you to get more involved in the process, and be recognized for your contribution.

All patrons have access to a private Trello board where they can make suggestions and vote on various things like new HDRI ideas, travel locations, and how the donations are spent.

Payments are made automatically at the beginning of the month. For the lower reward levels, you'll get your reward immediately after signing up (even in the middle of a month). For higher reward levels ($10+) you may have to wait until after the payment has been processed before getting your reward. 

If you have any questions, just shout :)

If you'd prefer to make a once-off donation, you can do so with PayPal or Bitcoin.

Where your money goes:

There are a number of goals on the left of this page, such as better camera equipment for even higher quality HDRIs, timelapses, a drone rig... these are what we're working towards together.

Each of the goals explain what the money is needed for, but for even more clarity I also release a public finance report every month so that you know exactly how much was donated and where it was spent or saved.

I treat your donations as if the money still belongs to you. It first covers the server costs and other running costs, and then the majority of the remainder is split between HDRI authors whose work was published that month, directly funding future HDRIs.

For my own HDRIs, most of the share I get is saved for travel costs and future equipment upgrades, with as little as possible being kept to cover my own living expenses.
$3,081.55 of $3,500 per month
Drone HDRIs

Development of a custom drone with multiple cameras and lenses to capture high quality HDRIs from the air.

Money used for: R&D + prototyping time; hiring external help; camera & drone equipment.
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