Andy HeadHardHat Smith is creating
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GeoSnippits Geocaching Videos and Podcasts have entertained and enlightened geocachers since 2008!

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per Each Weekly GeoSnippits Geocaching Podcast or GeoSnippits Video
per Each Weekly GeoSnippits Geocaching Podcast or GeoSnippits Video
Milestone Goals
Yearly Content Storage and Websites Cost
$500 per Each Weekly GeoSnippits Geocaching Podcast or GeoSnippits Video
The Cost of Storing our Content and Hosting our Websites

Some of our largest costs for the year is hosting our websites and having a place to store all of our podcast episodes for you to listen to each and every week.  This is essentially the backbone for all the content our viewers and listeners utilize in the background for accessing the shows.  Without them there would be no way for our viewers and listeners to even know we are here and access our content.

Show equipment (The GeoSnippits Studio)
$1,500 per Each Weekly GeoSnippits Geocaching Podcast or GeoSnippits Video
You Have Told Us You Love Watching Our LIVE Episodes

The GeoSnippits Studio had grown as we have, which means the equipment demands have escalated as well. As time goes on we are going to need better equipment for the studio (not including the laptops and PCs we use for running everything and doing the post production). This will allow us better quality audio and video which means a more entertaining experience for our viewers and listeners. Every dollar helps and we appreciate your support.

New Studio Computers and OnSite Equipment
$5,000 per Each Weekly GeoSnippits Geocaching Podcast or GeoSnippits Video
Equipment Demands Are Huge And We Need Your Help

To successfully run a podcast episode we utilize no less than three PCs and laptops plus two tablets, a soundboard and several other smaller devices. Then after the show they are also used for the editing and post production processes as well. Then there is all the website creation, videos and so much more behind the scene activities. Needless to say over time these items give to wear and tear and just plain get outdated. Then there is all the equipment for our onsite work in creating GeoSnippits Tutorial Videos which involve camera and microphone technologies. We do the best we can with all we have but replacements are now needed and frankly we can use your help.



Andy HeadHardHat Smith has been an avid geocacher since 2008. His geocaching has taken him all across the United States and into so many amazing outdoor adventures. Besides his geocaching escapades, Andy started GeoSnippits Geocaching Tutorial Videos which is an ongoing YouTube series. He also has been featured on Michigan Magazine Television (RFDTV), Hosted Geocaching World (RVNN TV) and finally currently own and hosts The Geocaching Podcast and The GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast.

You can learn more about Andy by Googling 'Headhardhat'.


Raleigh, NC, USA

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The GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast: Geocaching Insights and GeoSnippits Geocaching Videos 

Andy HeadHardHat Smith has been entertaining and enlightening geocachers around the world since 2008 when he created his first YouTube video. Since then he has hosted and content created several over the top internet shows and podcasts.

Michigan Magazine (RFD-TV)  Geocaching Word (RVNN TV) GeoSnippits Geocaching Tutorial Videos (YouTube) The Geocaching Podcast (YouTube and Audio) The GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast (YouTube and Audio) These shows and videos delight and inform individuals around the world each and every week. The current podcasts, GeoSnippits videos and an award winning blog do require a goodly amount of funding to keep running. That's where your help comes in.  With your support all the shows and videos under the HeadHardHat Productions banner will be able to continue bringing quality and informative content for all. 
From all of us HeadHardHat Productions we thank you for your support.


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