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About Head Over Feels

Greetings, old friends and new! We are Kim and Sage and over four years ago we launched a blog about all things pop and fandom culture: Head Over Feels.

We love TV, movies, theater, celebrities, music, and geeky things. And more than all that, we love the people who come together over their mutual appreciation of what THEY love. We just like liking things and believe that there's space on the internet for cultural response that can be critical AND enthusiastic. We also like sparkles and hate mansplaining.

On our blog, you'll find thoughtful and gif-heavy weekly recaps of shows like Crazy Ex-GirlfriendOutlanderScandalDoctor WhoThis Is UsSupernaturaland Jane the Virgin. We've done feminist deep-dives into media that's regularly written off, like the Bridget Jones series and boy bands. We've counted down our favorite episodes of all-time faves The X-FilesFriends, and The Office. We invite our readers to vote in our annual TV awards The Feelies and for the most coveted prize of all: the year's Most Handsome Young Man. If there's an award show or a trainwreck of a TV movie on, we're probably live-blogging it. We bust our butts to bring you year-end wrap-ups and live coverage from every convention we attend on our own dime. Our phenomenal contributors tell you what they learned about life from Troop Beverly Hills and who is passing and failing on the red carpet. And on top of all of that, we write about anything that we're really feeling at the moment.

We wouldn't have kept this up for so long if it was some great chore. But we do pay out of our own pockets to keep the site up and running and to be on the ground for events that we think are blog-worthy. Our expenses include photo library hosting, blog hosting, our domain, admittance fees to conventions, etc. And of course, conventions are fun and social, but we WORK at these things, striving to share as much as possible in the moment to keep those of you who aren't in the room informed.

If you like our writing or appreciate the space we created and can spare a few bucks a month, we'd be absolutely honored to have you as a patron. We're excited to share some exclusive goodies with you as rewards. Thank you in advance for your support! We just have a lot of feelings about it.

--Sage & Kim
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 38 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 38 exclusive posts

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