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This is foremost an information site: I am not expecting a donation though it helps as discussed under the patron heading below. 

Basically I am a former teacher who became environmentally sensitive despite a healthy lifestyle. I'm ticked off, have written legislation to change this, and work on a larger site Last Tree Laws for a ballot measure and advocacy. I am looking actively for a paying job and wish that people would support my work since I think I'm awesome. I also wish that more people would help with environmental health advocacy and independent science. Because that is not the case, we are screwed.

Please note that I have been working as a volunteer with Last Tree Laws and have let this site basically go except for rare use. 
1. Provide researched information, news & materials related to environmental health.
2. Encourage visitors and members to support legislation, ordinances, and join state petition initiatives as listed at 
Last Tree Laws dot com.

WHAT DO I PROPOSE? This is my blog to share information, critical analysis, & resources relevant to politics, legislation, and environmental health.

Please see the post analyzing the alliance of Governor Baker's administration with technology business interests in education, telecommunications, utilities, and health. I am concerned these alliances suggest money rather than the people, rule.

My point of view is that I support a level playing field for business and people, and am against use of taxpayer money to favor private profits. I support more stringent protection against pollution and corporate influence, and programs like necessary health care and quality education funded by progressive taxation. I am terribly concerned about environmental and civil threats from exponential technology and business growth, including wireless health risks.

I have posted brochures and some public posts providing information related to risks of wireless or power frequencies. 

There are many free resources online, but on my Teachers Pay Teachers store, I also have several PowerPoints on technology risks for sale and some free short demos. I am posting one of the demos here at patreon as well.

Scientist Paul Heroux, who has done phenomenal research in the field, positively reviewed my first PPT on electromagnetic risks, but I've decided it is too long for most normal people and perhaps too hard, and just jacked up the price to prevent anyone from buying it for this reason. An easier version just the right length for presentation is Impaired Fertiity, Wireless, and Electricity. Printing this could provide helpful visual support in expressing electromagnetic risks with visuals. These can be found here: PPT.

First, patrons receive my thanks! Support is also very helpful for morale and for time to continue, being able to say what I'm doing is not harming my own or my family's personal finances.

I do not have extra gifts to give except regarding the PowerPoints mentioned above, a patron may receive additional licenses. To send a copy of a presentation to a person who is not a legislator on a monthly basis, a payment may be made to this page of half the sale price. To legislators it is free anyway. To give a presentation, a reasonable or sliding scale donation based on your ability may be given to this page. I do not want to prevent access by raising the cost of the presentation, so that is why I just leave this as a donation in hopes that those who are able will support my work.

The PowerPoints are available at the Teachers Pay Teachers store Thoughtful and Useful, and currently the easiest to present and understand is Impaired Fertility, Wireless, and Electricity.

As far as why patreon instead of another site, I chose patreon over google sites or facebook because those are such giant monopolies and I don't want a Facebook or Google file. My technical skills are poor so this prefabricated site is easy to use. Also, patreon is free and there is also the possibility of earning an income. Besides this site, I also assist with Last Tree Laws, a site focused on legislation and ordinances.

A few years ago I developed some electromagnetic/wireless sensitivities and assumed the world would quickly change with notice. I actually became very sick, and went doctor to doctor asking why my symptoms arose around these exposures. I eventually met a doctor, in a specialty, who said he had many patients who shared similar complaints though he didn't treat for that problem. In order to get better, I had to reduce my daily exposures as much as possible, meaning that I eventually was able to be around common exposure setting for a short time and not feel very badly.  As a result I began looking at research and found support for my symptoms, even when many doctors have never been trained about this. I have met others with this sensitivity and formed new friendships. To me this story shows exposures can cause anyone to become suddenly ill. This is also what is called an invisible illness or disability, and the fluctuating health of the sensitive individual in relation to exposures can be quite confusing for others.

Using a non-wireless computer is surprisingly bothersome these days, and so I minimize use just to improve society or my situation. Still, I would like greater awareness on this issue, and would like to help change this situation.

I recognize that pollution keeps extending and past property lines: telecommunications signals traverse the globe and chemical spills ignore boundaries. So, for this reason, I wish to work on legislation to change these kinds of circumstances and help create an environment that is much more supportive and environmentally sound.

Due to this sensitivity and extensive accompanying research, I am very suspicious of the attitude by some that "reducing" exposure is the simple answer, and by advocacy of small warnings such as against cell phone use exclusively.

The attitude that reducing wireless exposures is the answer is a bit of distraction from reality: a safe level of exposure or safe frequency has never publicly been identified. Researchers are searching for a safe level and still that has not been identified. I can only consider taking someone seriously if they admit this fact, well known among scientists in the field. 

The field of reducing exposures is plagued with individuals who are cranks, selling fake "protections" or psychological cures, or who have only partial understanding of mitigation and refuse to admit this fact. Of course no one has all the answers, but some won't admit it.

There is still a lack of understanding among scientists as to working of biological effects, with some suggesting very weak exposures even have a non-linear, sometimes stronger effect. Sam Milham discusses the issue of electrical wiring providing dangerous exposures even barring high fields in his book Dirty Electricity. Electrical wiring could be designed to be safer, but currently because risks are not admitted, electrical design is very poor nor is the public informed so as to insure that electrical wiring in residences is tested for safety. Digital electronics and surging or pulsing electrical design poses special problems to our health even when non-wireless, and so the answer is more complicated than just hard-wiring computers to reduce wireless exposures.

So why does this site exist, when perhaps other groups could be joined? Finding the right group to share many different views is difficult. Being published in a paper is also difficult, when one is not conventional, or when one mentions risks of electromagnetic exposure. So this is a bit of a no strings site. 

As I called different groups, I realized many environmental groups were conflicted by wireless or utility interests due to advocating for clean energy and receiving funds and support for such advocacy. One such group is the ironically termed the "Environmental League of Massachusetts" which has a corporate council and a number of connections with the utility industry. As the answer to climate problems, ELM has advanced profitable, expensive, data-capturing wireless meters--when this position could be seriously called into question.

Other nonprofits have a mission which precludes taking up all or some political topics, and many are too strapped for funds and members to consider a new campaign. Regarding a lawsuit to prevent wireless exposures, I contacted the ACLU, the present and last state attorney general, and organizations dedicated to disability law. Those last two have received plenty of calls from me and others. No go. 

As a result, I started several groups to address these risks, and finally have settled on Last Tree Laws. Piti Theatre also provides lovely theater presentations on this as well as children's theater, and these can be booked in local towns in and outside of Massachusetts.

CONTACT? Please email concisely only regarding legislation, to move these issues forward, to: Legislate (at) protonmail dot com. 

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This is approximately my living wage on a monthly basis in my area. So, seems a bit of a dream. Donations do help. I have been a volunteer for a long time, but actually need some support for this work.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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