Holly Hearn

is creating flash fiction, poetry, short stories, and writing workshops.
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About Holly Hearn

Hi, I'm Holly, and I'm the sole person behind both Ash & Feather and Itchen to Write.

Ash & Feather is the umbrella for all of my writing, editing, and reviewing projects. I write across a wide range of genres, from full-length novels to flash fiction, as well as poetry. Additionally, I offer critique and editing services, and write book reviews. And occasionally, I'll do other types of articles about the writing process.

Itchen to Write is a labour of love, where I offer a community and support to Hampshire, UK based writers. Often I find that a lot of the workshops, courses, and writing groups don't offer much in the way of affordable, accessible, career-oriented support for writers. Itchen to Write seeks to change that, by offering low cost workshops on editing, pitching, and various writing topics, as well as critique groups, query prep, and sometimes, just a nice quiet space to write with other writers around you.

If you choose to become my Patron, you'll get access to behind-the-scenes material no one else gets to see, stories and poetry published nowhere else, and in the future, I want to create stories that are directed by my Patrons, like an exclusive Choose Your Own Adventure!
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When I reach this goal, I'll be able to offer Itchen To Write's workshops free of charge, to make them more accessible to disadvantaged writers!
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