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Name a Bee
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* I will name a bee after you or your family and provide 5 public updates with what your bee is likely doing on a given day.  

* Wait list spot for the option to buy honey.  (If there is honey!) 

Thank you!

Tell it to the bees
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*  All the benefits of "Name a Bee"

*   "Bee Healed Salve" or "Wild Violet Mist" after 6 months of

*  There is a tradition of "telling the bees" news. And if you send me a  message, I will read it to the hive on your behalf. 

Thank you! 

Beekeeper's joy
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For the beekeeper, or those who like the sounds of bees.

*All the "Name a Bee" benefits 

*All the "Tell it to the Bees" benefits

*Bee Calm Fragrance from Backyard hives after 6 months

* Light of the Hum Album by Corwin Bell after 1 year

Thank you! 




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About Heart and Wings Bees

My name is Jenifer Teall and I work with people who want to support honeybees but don't know how.  I live in the Boston Area and provide an opportunity to join our "bee-centered" apiary community virtually or in person. This micro-business provides a tangible way for you to get involved supporting sustainable beekeeping practices which places a higher value on the health of the bees instead of the honey harvest. The bees aren't sustained by sugarwater or any artificial foods/chemicals. The business launch will be later this year, but meanwhile, there are 4 hives started in the Boston Area.  Your support is greatly appreciated!
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One of the hives needs a full roof for winter. When I reach 33 patrons, I will include all the patrons' name on the roof as a thank you! Let's keep the little ladies warm! 

Thank you!
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