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Heralds are the patrons that have shown us a little love and now we're giving it back. Patrons at this tier will receive:

  • shout outs at the end of a single episode
  • ad-free versions of the episodes
  • will remain on our patron list on the website.
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Inkwells are the patrons that want answers to questions like "Where did that come from?" or "Did he just make a dirty joke?" among many others. Patrons at this level will receive:

  • the Herald Tier benefits
  • access to a private feed that features a bonus monthly episode focused on the historical background and break down of select stories.
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Beholders don't want to just know the why of the story; they want to see these characters riff and exist in bizarrely funny and new situations, maybe even discovering a character's hidden talent. To that end, patrons of this tier will receive:

  •  the Inkwell and Herald Tier benefits
  • bonus content like a Dungeons and Dragons one-off episode each month, an album with songs performed and inspired by a character's story, or a personalized recording for voicemails or ringtones.




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About The Hearth Podcast

Oral history is how we have some of our most engaging and long-lived legends. It's what kept the dark bound at the edge of the fire and helped explain our ancestors' world. It's also an art form we seek to reclaim in our own small way. Even today, stories can drive us to be better, to rethink our worldview, and help us laugh when we'd rather not. Together, we work to help transport listeners to other worlds with scripted versions of classic stories and original content.

Your support will help us secure artists, actors, writers, and composers for the podcast, which will increase the amount, type, and scale of shows we are able to produce. For instance, one of our goals is to integrate audience interaction into the story-telling in the form of a "Choose Your Own Adventure" series. This would take place in a Hearth Podcast-specific mobile app. So please consider helping us tell more stories by subscribing today!

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