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About Eli & Viv

Hello! We’re Eli Baumgartner & Viv Tanner, illustrators and creators of the online graphic novel “Heart of Gold”.

Heart of Gold is a mystery/romance story with overarching religious themes that revolves around the tenuous relationship which grows between the main characters Dunant and Ionel.
You can find out more about the plot here. 

Since we’re pouring a lot of love, effort, sweat, blood, religious sacrifices, etc. into the creation of Heart of Gold, Patreon is a good way for you to contribute to all that and help us maintain and improve the quality of our comic.

But wait, there’s more! Not only do we work on Heart of Gold, we’re also creating a bunch of other things for you to get more insight into. For example:
(Reward tiers explained in more detail here

We’d love to dedicate our time fully to work on Heart of Gold and other creations, so a Patreon would help us a lot with this. You get exclusive content we haven’t shared anywhere else, as well as merch that we are currently only able to sell at local cons.

This doesn’t mean we’ll stop posting on social media, or post less for that matter - we’re simply sharing what we haven’t shared thus far.

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Of Templars and Priests Side-Comics Launch:
This marks the epic beginning of our AU comic “Of Templars and Priests” that comes in the form of short prose & episodic comics. These will be produced at least once a month/every 2 months.
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