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About Dominik Heim

my name is Dominik and i am a part time game developer. Honestly i have not much projects, there is just one. It is called Heart of Mithras, which is some kind of my 2nd corona wave baby. :)
It is not 100% accurate. The most time i invested up to now in the game was during that period from October 2020 to march 2021, but the idea of this game has been already formed in the mid of 2018. I always liked to play management games. Especially some with a competetive character you normally have in classical sport management games. So i was playing different Football Manager , Out of the Park, Pro Cycling Manager, Motorsport Manager + many more and i liked them all. I was also interested in a decent eSport Manager, but there was no one existing which was made the way i would like.
So my first steps with Unity in 2018 was aiming to create a decent eSports Manager. My idea was in having a management game where you start with a small team, probably 6-8 guys playing partially EgoShooter and partially Moba games at the end of one of the lowest leagues, rising to a professional eSport Team having dedicated Pro Gamers for each game and taking care for Infrastructure, Team and Trainers, Sponsorship, Tournaments, but also having a decent part of simulating the games, so the chance to win is based on 50% setup of your team and 50% on your own effort and decisions made during the management simulation.
Honestly, this kind of game is still one of my goals, but by time i realized that this kind of game, the way i wanted to create it, is big, too big for a small part time developer
I extracted the things which would be the most important, the MVP of such a game. Additionally i always liked dystopian atmosphere games and movies. So the idea of Heart of Mithras raised, a game where you manage a small tactical combat team in a future mega city, separated in thirty districts.
The management part is inspired by a lot if existing management games. You manage your team, staff and headquarter, by suceeding in your matches, you earn some money, improving your team, trainers and buildings, getting a better team and climb to the top of the 3-tiered league in Heart of Mithras. The simulation part itself feels like a counter-strike simulation, where every skill has a big impact on how the soldier behaves. You are having limited control over the movement of your soldiers, defining the target waypoints and movement speed, but the soldiers are doing a lot of decisions by their own, based on their skills, which are having a big impact on what they do and how they perform.
So that is Heart of Mithras, the game i am currently working on and i want to publish on Steam, iPhone, Android. I always wanted to publish something i made with my hands and brain cells (not sure why, but it seems to be a personal need, i am feeling since years) and now i already invested too much time to stop in the middle.

So please check my game and i would be happy if you are interested and/or like it.
If you like to support me, you can do this here in patreon.

I will invest the money from patreon 100% to make Heart of Mithras a better game.

Thank you. 

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