Creating an intimate anthro video game, in VR & 2D

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About Heat

Welcome to Heat! An immersive adult video game featuring anthro characters. We focus on having detailed character interactions in a variety of fun scenarios, supporting both VR (through SteamVR) and traditional (2D) screens! (Although 2D mode is still experimental currently). If you'd like to see more about what Heat is about, check out Edef's Twitter: @GardenOfEdef, our website at anthroheat.com, or videos on E621 with the tag `heat_(vr_game)`.

Heat is currently in active full-time development, and we'd love your support to keep it that way! We'd love your votes and feedback on the game, as well as helping us test it! Also, join us and other Patrons on the Discord!

We release a milestone build every month. By joining the Patreon you'll be able to immediately play the latest milestone or latest test build depending on your tier, and if you leave the Patreon in the future you'll always be able to play the last milestone you had access to.

Note: Heat supports almost all VR headsets, including Oculus headsets, but they must be connected to a computer with SteamVR. Thus, your computer must be VR-capable. We will look into offering a standalone Oculus Quest version in the future.

Questions? See the FAQ here!

The Project:

Heat is a sandbox of sorts. Invite beautiful anthro characters to your apartment and have some naughty fun, or head out on the town and visit the gym or the nightclub bathrooms~

Our development is focused on rapid content creation. Once all the groundwork is in place, we'll be adding characters, interactions, and locations as frequently as we can.

Our focus is to allow you to get straight to the fun part. While the characters will have personalities and preferences, we won't be barring any major content behind dating or progression mechanics.

Current Features:

(These may be outdated, new features are being added all the time)
  • Visit new locations! Enjoy the nightclub's glory holes, clothing-optional gym, or shower/sauna room
  • Kiss and lick, and suck every part of them. The girls love it when you lick down there
  • Connect your irl toys for a truly immersive experience~Thrust with your own hips by attaching a toy to your waist with a controller or tracker (or phone with owotrack)
  • Give the characters something to suck on — they'll fellate toys and other characters
  • Spank them if they've been naughty, and not only on the butt ;)
  • Want to be tiny? Scale yourself down and let the characters be giant. Climb all over them!
  • Pose them together - choose pose 2 and grab their appendages. They'll thrust when lined up 
  • Cuddle in close and listen to your partner's heartbeat — and hear it speed up as they get close
  • Riley, Aurora, and Emmy love wearing thigh highs and arm warmers, and choose the design!
  • Enjoy a golden shower with optional watersports!
  • Write naughty things, or just colour them differently with the provided markers
  • Turn the lights off for a more romantic experience~
  • Give them boops! Each character has a unique reaction
  • Like to watch? Duo poses are available where characters going at it without you. You can even see what it looks like from their eyes~
  • Tail physics! Play with their tails, suck on their tails, or stick it inside them!
  • Use toys on them. Both dildos and penetrables!
  • Let the toys thrust automatically through the radial menu!
  • Get them to do the work with the humping or riding animated poses
  • Gape their holes from the kinks submenu
  • Plenty of options to customize your experience — toy scale, hand model, fluid amount, player height, etc.

The Developers:


Hey there! I'm Edef! I've been in the furry scene a long time and I've always dreamed of creating my own furry game. It's finally time to make that dream into a reality. I'm a generalist programmer with years of experience in the indie gaming scene and I have the knowledge necessary to take this game to greatness. I'll be handling the programming and management for Heat!
Twitter: @GardenOfEdef


Hi! I'm Wiah and I have a passion for creating beautiful 3d characters. I've been working very hard to develop my skills and now I'm ready to put them to use. I'll be handling the art and rigging for Heat and I look forward to bringing beautiful characters to life.
Twitter: @YanWiah


Hello hello, I'm the ConnivingRat. I'm a 3D animator and have been animating characters in full body/first person animations for a couple of years now. I'll be helping with the animations in Heat.

The Plan:

Over the long haul we'll be working on adding all sorts of fun stuff! Some ideas include, in no particular order:

  • New characters: We have lots of great ideas for new characters of different body types and genders, influenced by Patrons!
  • Locations: Glory holes, dark alleys, secluded beaches, airplanes, oh my!
  • Interactions: Lots of fun new ways to play with your guest - use a new toy on them, tie them to the bed, or take them on the kitchen table~
  • The pleasure system: Each character will have ways in which they prefer to be pleasured. These aren't necessary to follow, but you may get some gifts if you treat them right ;)

However, none of these ideas are set in stone. That's why we have you Patrons! You'll get to influence the features we work on and give us feedback on what you'd like to see next. This game is for you guys!

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