Heathen Women United

Heathen Women United

Spiritual Education and Community for Heathen Women.

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About Heathen Women United

Who We Are

Heathen Women United is first and foremost a circle of Heathen women dedicated to supporting each other’s growth. We’re scholars, healers, seiðkonur, völur, and community leaders. We welcome all women regardless of ‘origins story’, as well as our afab/femme-aligned non-binary siblings. We believe that love is love (where full and informed consent can be given - so don’t ‘at’ us with bullshit slippery slope arguments), and like Deadpool (probably, UPG here), we come in all colors. No really, we’re inclusive AF, so if that isn’t your jam, you may want to skedaddle, because it’s non-debatable.

What TF Is A Heathen?

A Heathen is someone who practices religious traditions inspired by the Norse-Germanic traditions of pre-Christian Europe. Contemporary Heathens are informed in practice (to varying degrees and in varying combinations) by scholarship and what might be termed ‘UPG’ or ‘unverified personal gnosis’.

What We Do

When Heathen Women United was seeded, it began with a vision of Heathen women gathered in a circle of mutual support, and it is within that vision that our mission is rooted. Together we are working on concrete ways to teach, guide, and provide assistance to our members. We’re building ways to provide mentorship, yearly academic-focused conferences, and workshops created by our talented and cosmopolitan teachers.

In order to facilitate access for the most isolated among us, we make good use of social media, website forums, and online conferencing. But for those who can make it, we’re also working on creating a series of tours to sacred sites focused on retreat and practice, as well as other in-person events.

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