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-Occasional posts/updates from my patron-only feed

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+ Exclusive Patreon pics and first peak at other images before they go live on social media. 
+Access to our private Discord community
+ Access to our Patreon Feed 

+Added to Steam List


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 All previous rewards
+ One free 11X17 *(MUST BE WITHIN THE US)* poster. Free shipping!  (One per month. Will ship one month prior to subscription
+ Acce...

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All previous rewards
+Highest priority to be added into games while streaming!

+Chance to vote on which games we stream

+Added to PSN, BattleNet or Steam
+Daily selfies only seen here!

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Sexy tier without rewards. (Access to the Sexy tier feed without the physical prints or other mailed rewards)
+ Sexy Modeling
+ Exclusive sexy pics only seen here


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All previous rewards
+ Sexy Modeling Shots
+ Exclusive sexy pics only seen here
+ One handwritten thank you note