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As an astrologer with over 25 years of experience, I am committed to providing free videos on my youtube channel (youtube.com/c/HeatherEnsworth) and monthly newsletters to share astrological insights and wisdom about this intense time of transition and transformation that we are all in on the planet in this time. To continue to do this on a regular and more frequent basis, your support is important and very much appreciated.  I will also seek input from my patrons about topics of interest for upcoming videos and classes and give my patrons opportunities to interact with me and each other to discuss the powerful transits and energies of these times. As we gather as an international community online, we can explore the changes that we are all in and how to support each other in moving into this new Age of Aquarius and co-creating a new world together!

Please also visit my website www.risingmoonhealingcenter.com for more information about my individual astrology readings and upcoming programs.

Here are the sponsorship options:

Planetary patron:  $4-9 per month - Free Kindle edition of Heather's book, Finding our Center: Wisdom from the Stars and Planets in Times of Change, free monthly newsletter about the current lunar cycle and transits

Sun and Moon patron: $10-19 per month - Join Heather for an online monthly Q&A and discussion group (which will be recorded in case you are not able to join live) about current planetary transits and astrological energies, get her Kindle book and free monthly newsletter 

Star patron: $20 - 25 - Discounted or free access to online classes (details TBA as classes are posted) with Heather as well as priority for registration, monthly access to the Q&A meeting and discussion group with Heather, Kindle book, monthly newsletter 

Galactic patron: $26 or more - All of the above benefits plus a free 1/2 hour individual astrological consultation (after 6 months of support)
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