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is creating content on evolution, and that which it has wrought.
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About Heather Heying

Thank you for joining me. This is brand new territory for me, but if you’re here, I am grateful. I hope that you will find things here to challenge you, illuminate your world, make you laugh, fill you with wonder. In this space, I will post writing, and perhaps some short videos, maybe even longer lectures or, ultimately, series of lectures, on topics that are all over the map.

In evolution space, the questions often begin with “why.” Why are so many birds monogamous? Why does infanticide persist in lions and langur monkeys? Why do we have a dominant hand (foot, eye, ear), and why are 10% of people lefties (like me)?

I might also write about the evolution of jaws and flight and language; and about sexual selection and the evolution of mating systems and territoriality and parental care; and about the crazy chromosomal arrangements of frogs, and how songbirds learn to sing, and what dolphins, elephants, crows, parrots and apes have in common.

In the somewhat narrower domain of human sex and gender, some questions I’m interested in include: Which differences between men and women are immutable, and which aren’t? What do lipstick and fast cars have in common? What if the most critical gender gap is one of confidence? Why is “believe all women” bad policy, and bad for women, men, and society? How can women navigate the distinction between hotness and beauty? We hear a lot about toxic masculinity—what about toxic femininity?

I taught undergraduates for 15 years, and didn't think, before then, that I would ever think of myself as an educator. But I came to love teaching, and I have a lot of thoughts about education, too. Some of those are focused on the intolerance and anti-Enlightenment ideology that is taking over universities, and spreading outwards to places like google (also: this). Many of you already know what happened at Evergreen, and while I’d rather that story not be primary in what happens next, if you don’t know it and you want to, you can start here.

Nature will be a theme as well, especially tropical nature, especially the jungle. Also: the value of doing things with your hands, and your body and, not unrelated, about risk and adventure (a literary magazine is soon due to publish my piece on being mugged at knifepoint, and what that reveals about sensory memory). I may write about food, and play, and childhood, and music—in every case, with an evolutionary lens. I also care about numeracy, which isn’t considered as important as literacy, but should be. I may write about math, a little, probably basic statistics, and if you’re a math-phobe, you should stick around for that, because math is fun, and powerful. And did I mention fun?

I also write fiction. Science fiction, mostly, and no, none of it is out there in the universe, yet, and I don’t know if I will post any here, but I might.

So this is kind of a black box yet, but a fun one, and, at least when I’m doing non-fiction, we’ll minimize assumptions and try to figure out what’s what as much as possible.

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