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A big thank you and hug in advance. Membership only starts at $1 but please feel free to give more. It will be because of you that I will be able to create beautiful things and share my process with you.
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About Heavenly Art Dolls

My name is Carmen and I am a retired school teacher of 25 years. I also studied Fine Arts and have been creating art since I could walk. I have been Reborning, Customizing Blythe dolls and making Art Dolls now for over twelve years. I am now also creating BJD, Cloth dolls and Spirit dolls. I am enjoying creating dolls so much, that I have decided to join Patreon so you can create art dolls yourself.  I also create One of a kind fairy wings and sell sheets and tutorials
I will be making an introduction Video soon.

Producing these videos is not without costs though.  Lots of hours go into creating each tutorial, in which I share experience and information that I have aquired through research  and lots and lots of experimentation and practice.  There is also the cost of software and equipement such as cameras, lighting, supplies, etc..

Your support will help me make lots of  videos, it will enable me to spend more time and resources producing it, therefore improving the quality of tutorials.  I will be able to invest money into new equipment, and software to bring you better quality.

Your support is very appreciated and your pledge will allow me to create even greater content. Please visit my site and add your name to the newsletter list
$1 of $100 per null
When I reach earnings of $100 I will begin to have giveaways for Dolly stuff such as , Blythe doll accessories,Art Dolls supplies and DIY kits, downloads of patterns, tutorials, etc. Thank you in advance for your Patronage. I am hoping to be able to fund my projects and bring you lots of DIY videos.
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