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Hey, that's pretty awesome of you! This tier gets you "nothing", except for the warm feeling in your stomach for doing something right and supporting Heavy Blog. Oh, it also gets you access to this Patreon feed, where we'll be posting early access links to blog merch before it goes public, exclusive content and future blog projects.

Right now, this means the Cool People Column (a public column where we talk about books, games, and movies we're watching that's going backer-only) but there's more content on the way! We'll be posting all links to exclusive content in this feed.

We just want you to be able to chip in and shoulder the weight a bit. $1 just sounds right: a buck. One U.S Dollar. It just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?
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Hey, whoa, nice! This is extremely awesome of you. This tier says: "I'm not only just here to support you guys, I'm all in". It's just a little more support but it goes a long way to helping us keep Heavy Blog alive. This tier gets everything in the previous tier, plus:

This is the first tier that gets you access to any exclusive backer rewards we'll release in the future (like exclusive pieces of merch that will be available for this tier and above only, never going public). We have a few ideas for upcoming, backer-only merch like snapbacks, pinks, shirts, posters, and more! We're also thinking about some exclusive digital things, like compilations, interviews, and so on.

This tier also gets you access to Eden's specially curated, once-a-month, backer exclusive playlist! He'll be using this list to highlight specific genres, trends, and excellent releases. He'll also be open to requests from backers so if you have a genre, area of the world or year you've always wanted Eden to cover, this is your chance!
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My life for Heavy Blog! This tier says: "all in? All in is for chumps! I am a devoted knight of Heavy Blog! My inter-dimensional blood sword sings the song of Heavy Blog across the multiverse! ALL SHALL FALL BEFORE HEAVY BLOG!" Or, erm, you know, something of that sort. This tier gets you everything in the previous tiers, as well as:

This tier gets you access to the Inner Circle Podcast, hosted by Noyan! This podcast will be recorded once a month and will include...all of you! That's right, you can log into our Discord, chat with Noyan about pretty much anything, and he'll record it and publish it to the blog. Other staff members and editors will also join from time to time, giving you full access to our staff to ask any questions you might like!

In the future, this tier will also include access to exclusive merch variants (like exclusive shirt types and colors), more playlists (we have a few ideas brewing) and even bigger perks from Heavy Blog. The sky is the limit! Or, you know, not the sky but you get the idea.

Lastly, and most excitingly if you ask us, you get to make requests to the blog! We can't promise we'll cover anything you send our way but hey, you get to send stuff directly our way! Simply use Patreon to message us about a band, an album, a track, a video, a book, whatever you'd like, and we'll check it out.
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About Heavy Blog Is Heavy

Heavy Blog is Heavy is a unique metal blog. Instead of focusing on news and events, which are easily tracked via other services, we're here to give you an incisive, unique and often in depth view into the metal community. We deal with broad issues such as equality, elitism, current musical trends, interactions with other genres and much, much more.

We do all of this on a voluntary basis: 15+ writers and editors, working day and night to bring you the most intellectually engaging content in the metal community, working for and from that community. In recent years, we've grown (yay!) and find that we need support: hosting services, design issues and much more have all been paid for out of pocket, a reality which is no longer sustainable.

With your help, the community on which we've always relied, we hope to be able to take the blog to new places: bigger collaborations, expansions into video and other new media channels, more stable hosting and far, far more efficient site design. All we need right now is a little boost to get us into a stable and sustainable monthly economy and we can start kicking our bigger plans into gear: most of the initial funds we'll pour right back into the site, tweaking ad services (fewer ads!)and improving hosting (faster load times!). After that, we'll focus on reimbursing our dedicated writers, getting them to do more shows, more interviews, more special features! And after, who knows? Anything is possible: shirts, exclusive streams, fan interaction with artists. You'll be the ones to set the tone with your funding; we'll dream of interesting ways to utilize it.

 We know this community is one of the most cohesive and supporting out there; come prove us right!
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Wow, OK! Now that we know that there's real interest in crowd-funding Heavy Blog, let's get into some serious goals.

When we hit this goal, we'll produce a whole new merch line for Heavy Blog. That's right, merch line. We're talking more than just shirts, but also enamel pins, snapbacks, and more!

Once we hit this goal, we'll start thinking even better about our "real" world presence. What does that mean? I guess you'll have to wait and see ;)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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