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We love and thank you all! And bless you in the name of Ahayah Alahayim. As much as Alahayim permits us we will continue feeding the flock with understanding and reading the hebrew records for perceptual references for further understanding. We want to insure everyone that all donations will go to feeding and helping the poor of the children of Israel and the poor gentiles that are in Yashe Messiah. May the information keep you and bring you closer to the creator of the whole world! Shalom




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Thank you for visiting our page! We welcome you and pray that the information given from Ahayah is pleasing to both him and you all and furthers your growth in Yashe He Meshiyacha. Please take the time and read the scriptures below of the true gospel and see what all the Prophets and Apostles understood.
Shepard of Hermas
3[11]:3 The tower, which thou seest building, is myself, the Church, which was seen of thee both now and afore time. Ask, therefore, what thou willest concerning the tower and I will reveal it unto thee, that thou mayest rejoice with the saints."
3{11}:4 I say unto her," Lady, since thou didst hold me worthy once for all, that thou shouldest reveal all things to me, reveal them." Then she saith to me," Whatsoever is possible to be revealed to thee, shall be revealed. Only let thy heart be with Alahayim, and doubt not in thy mind about that which thou seest."
3{11}:5 I asked her," Wherefore is the tower builded upon waters, lady?" "I told thee so before," said she," and indeed thou dost inquire diligently. So by thy inquire thou discoverst the truth. Here then why the tower is builded upon waters; it is because you life is saved and shall be saved by water. But the tower has been founded by the word of the Almighty and Glorious Name, and is strenghtened by the unseen power of the Master."
13[90]:4 "Now, Sir," say I, "show me why the tower is not built upon the ground, but upon the rock and upon the gate." "Because thou art senseless," saith he, "and without understanding [thou askest the question]." "I am obliged, Sir," say I, "to ask all questions of thee, because I am absolutely unable to comprehend anything at all; for all are great and glorious and difficult for men to understand."
13[90]:5 "Listen," saith he. "The name of the Son of Alahayim is great and incomprehensible, and sustaineth the whole world. If then all creation is sustained by the Son [of Alahayim], what thinkest thou of those that are called by Him, and bear the name of the Son of Alahayim, and walk according to His commandments?
13[90]:6 Seest thou then what manner of men He sustaineth? Even those that bear His name with their whole heart. He Himself then is become their foundation, and He sustaineth them gladly, because they are not ashamed to bear His name."
15[92]:1 "Declare to me, Sir," say I, "the names of the virgins, and of the women that are clothed in the black garments." "Hear," saith he, "the names of the more powerful virgins, those that are stationed at the corners.
15[92]:2 The first is Faith, and the second, Continence, and the third, Power, and the fourth, Long-suffering. But the others stationed between them have these names-Simplicity, Guilelessness, Purity, Cheerfulness, Truth, Understanding, Concord, Love.
He that beareth these names and the name of the Son of Alahayim shall be able to enter into the kingdom of Alahayim.
15[92]:3 Hear," saith he, "likewise the names of the women that wear the black garments. Of these also four are more powerful than the rest; the first is Unbelief; the second, Intemperance; the third, Disobedience; the fourth, Deceit; and their followers are called, Sadness, Wickedness, Wantonness, Irascibility, Falsehood, Folly, Slander, Hatred. The servant of Alahayim that beareth these names shall see the kingdom of Alahayim, but shall not enter into it."
We teach that there are three things needed to enter into the kingdom of Alahayim; The testimony of Yashe, Keeping of the commandments and bearing the Fruits of the Spirit. Without these you shall in no wise enter into the kingdom of Alahayim. May we all grow together so that we may stand before Alahayim boldly in the day of Judgement.

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