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gives you access to all the exclusive content I'll be sharing here, your name recited as part of my daily xematiasma(evil eye removal) services, and a DEEP discount on my other products: 15 min reading or ritual work (tarot, curse-breaking, candle work, and more) - ONLY $40!- normally $75 for non-patrons, 30 minutes ONLY $75! normally $125 for non-patrons, and 60 mins for ONLY $100!! normally $175 for non-patrons.  


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you get all the benefits of the $1 tier and as a thank you for the very generous contribution you also get one service of any type at no additional cost (tarot or ritual work up to an hour- a $175 value!!) a year.

**this tier includes a free reading or ritual service**


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all the benefits of the $1 and $5 tiers (including one reading/hour of ritual work a year at no additional cost) and access to me for specific requests: psychic and spiritual support, rituals, and mantras for the fulfillment of specific wishes you've got for that month. Enroll in this tier and message me with your goals for the month, and I will dedicate a ritual just for you. 

**this tier includes a free reading or ritual service**

About Hedgecraft Ritual Arts


Thank you for taking the time to connect with me here! It is deeply meaningful to me that you are interested in my life's work: creating awareness training through custom made meditation sequencing, ritual design, feral witchcraft, and self-inquiry through tarot.

How it works:

  • by enrolling in a tier you join my daily spiritual services that include two xematiasma(evil eye removal practice), healing and lifespan extending practice, removal of obstacles, and blessings for general wellbeing, comfort, and happiness.
  • you get free tarot readings (depending on tier) 
  • optional ritual crafting, psychic support for your own workings, and exclusive access to patron-only live rituals and products

Where the content is coming from:

I have always been interested in ritual: at the age of 11 I was trained in the traditional methods of diagnosing and treating the evil-eye(xematiasma), and the reading of playing cards (and sometimes coffee grounds) based on Greek and Roma folk traditions by my grandmother Demetra and grandaunt Evangelia, and that study and practice never ended. My mother's collection of books on modern witchcraft, yoga, meditation and ritual were a source of great inspiration and the basis of my first ritual designs. In fact- my very first paying job (I was 15) was as a card reader and spirit channel at a small new age store a few minutes from my childhood home. Throughout high school and college I immersed myself in the study of ritual practice and meditation: Witchcraft, Tarot, shamanism, ceremonial magic, and tantric yoga.

In 1996 that study led me to ordain as a Buddhist monk (Tibetan tradition), and for 10 years I delighted in exploring the beautiful and sophisticated meditations and ritual practices of Tantric Buddhism. During that time I started taking yoga classes in Cambridge, MA, and saw an opportunity to share my love for ritual in a secular setting. I eventually became a yoga instructor and then a teacher of yoga teachers.

This is when I created my 'Intentional Placement' meditation sequencing formula. Originally taught as a two hour workshop; the content has expanded and taken on a life of it's own- for the past several years I have been training people (mostly yoga teachers in teacher trainings) in the art of intentional meditation sequencing. This method of meditation instruction offers all the tools of the classical teachings, but without any religious or philosophical focus: allowing my clients to create custom made meditation sequences suited to their inclinations, individual needs, and beliefs.

Now I am offering my services at The Cauldron Black in Salem MA, and for those of you cannot get to Salem: you can connect with me here. I will be live broadcasting Feral Yoga classes, meditations, and rituals. I will be posting some of my writing and ritual work for patrons only!  So any of you interested in the book on feral yoga and witchcraft I've been working on- this is where you will get to see that content first. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you'll connect with me regarding any questions, comments, feedback, and requests. The nature of my work is continuously evolving, and your experiences are incredibly valuable to me.



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When I reach 1000 Patrons I will open a public secular meditation space for daily meditation classes, workshops, courses, and community rituals. 
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