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About Zan the Bonebreaker

Welcome to my new Patreon page!
Here's where you can support my work and get some peeks into the current development. Enjoy the stay!

IMPORTANT: If you have any reward to claim, you must do so by messaging me directly on either Patreon on Discord. Rewards are prone to change depending on the project I am working on, so make sure that you claim them in time!

Find Hedon here:

Steam -
GoG -
itch -
IndieDB -

The Philosophy
My aim is to create a reaction towards certain trends in the gaming industry that mainly focus on being as digestible as possible in their quest for market expansion. I believe that single player games do not compete with each other, and thus should be ultimately regarded as a personal art form instead of a service. My aim is to research classic game design and refresh the valuable bits we've lost in an experience that ultimately rewards the player through learning and investment rather than through mechanically administered gratification.

Although it started as a total conversion Doom 2 mod, Hedon has become one of the first wave of commercial games that runs on the GZDoom engine. Gameplay wise, it is similar in style and features to games like Hexen, Blood, Arx Fatalis, Thief, Unreal or Serious Sam.
By dropping a hunky half Orc half Demon into an underground universe filled with evil cultists and monsters I want to make full use of the timeless formula of an old school shooter. Mature level design and focus on gameplay, maps that vary in aesthetics and concept, engaging monsters and weapons, freedom of approach within a limited, well defined environment and so on...

Some Interesting Gaming Critique
Here are some links you might find related to my general concerns for the gaming industry today.
Dom Giuca - Thief vs. AAA Gaming
Chubzdoomer - If Doom was Done Today

The Creator
In The Keep Podcast (I talk more about it here)
I have started developing the game in October 2016, and will probably do so for a very long while on. I greatly appreciate your support and feedback, and your donations definitely help me speed up development and invest myself more and more in this project. Every bit of your interest helps me improve the game.

Software used:
Engine: GZDoom
Coding/Scripting/Resource Management: SLADE3
Level Design: GZDoom Builder
Graphic Design (Textures, Sprites, Animations etc.): Adobe Photoshop Elements 8
3D Modelling: Blender
Sound Editing/Recording: Audacity

Zan body pillow + how to get it here -
Zan 3D Print Bust Figurine + how to get it here -
$706.93 of $1,000 per month
What? I can do this job full-time now? Heck, we might be saving the gaming industry at this rate.
You shall see consistent uploads, art, and all the entertaining stuff you like and support here at the highest rate I can work at!
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