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Hi there, I'm Rachael Rose. 

I'm a chronically ill/disabled, queer, and polyamorous sexuality coach and educator, as well as a graphic designer and artist! Like many of you, I work on a variety of projects trying to follow my passions (and pay my bills).

As a sex educator, I offer sex and relationship coaching and consulting services, teach workshops, founded Hedonish.com as a sex-positive education blog and resource, and co-founded Glittergasm Events, an event company hosting play parties for the queer community. Most recently I've been working on creating The Boundless Summit, an online conference focused specifically on the intersections between sexuality, chronic illness, and disability. 

After working professionally as a graphic designer for over a decade, my chronic illness began requiring more flexibility than my employers were willing to accommodate, so I decided to branch off on my own. Unsurprisingly, my chronic illness had other plans, so while I worked to get my health back under control I created an Etsy shop, Shock and Awesome Co., and filled it with sex-positive apparel, art, and cross-stitching/embroidery patterns. Later, in 2018, I founded Genetic Lemon, my very own small graphic design studio, offering a full range of design services and specializing in brand identity and logo design. 

I've always been equally fascinated and drawn to sexuality and art. I educate people about sex, ADHD, what it's like being chronically ill/disabled (and the infinite ways that can impact your sex life), how to navigate being a good advocate for your sexual health, and whatever other topics pop into my head.

I've been fascinated by sex for as long as I can remember (and for far longer than I've actually been having it). I grew up picking my friend's brains and living vicariously through their experiences and wondering why more people weren't comfortable discussing sex.

In 2015, I started Hedonish.com as a sex-positive resource covering a wide range of topics I felt were important but weren't really being discussed anywhere else, especially how being chronically ill impacts your sexuality! 

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