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This is the "I no longer want to go to the gym or have cable tv or go to the movies anymore tier level or l want to take responsibility for my long term health, tier". Support real people making real stuff. By joining our team, you can help us grow as independent artists and get better at what it is that we are doing.

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  • Episodes one week before they are released to the public!
  • Access to MONTHLY LIVE videos! (Ask us anything)
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  • Free or discounted retreat tickets
  • Good karma
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Your pledge goes toward keeping our business alive and our lights on.

  • 1 Private session after 2 months - UK based studio or available via zoom
  • Plus everything in the previous tier
Corporate Wellbeing
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WE ARE HUMBLED. Thank you for your generous support!

  • 2 annual wellbeing seminars max 30 per session - UK only at present. For International clients please talk to us and we will work with you on scheduling, 
  • Good Karma for your employees
  • Min 6 months for 1 Seminar or 12 Months for 2 seminars
  • Your staff healthier and happier




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Heevanlee Tai Chi and Yoga is about providing support to clients and communities around the world to focus on our number one goal. Your Long term health and wellbeing. Our patrons will help us support many millions of people around the world to take responsibility for there long term health and wellbeing. We provide a minimum of 3 recorded sessions per week and all on youtube. 

The live or recorded sessions are a maximum of 30 minutes long and will incorporate movement practices from Tai Chi and Qi Gong primarily. These simple sessions can be done at any age and with continual practice will improve your health and general wellbeing. 

Transform in 30
 is the catchphrase to help time poor people take pressure off the healthcare system by reducing there reliance and improving there own health not just today but for the rest of there lives. 
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