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About Heffe

I am Heffe. I am a Writer, Worldbuilder and Twitch Streamer; and I often do these things all at once. Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 5pm UK Time I am live on Twitch, where I worldbuild on a tool called World Anvil. I am a Guild Member (Inner Sanctum level) to World Anvil and a moderator for their Discord Server.

On Sundays is the Heffling Community Showcase stream, where I read and you inspire. I allow viewers to submit their World Anvil Articles, or anything else on World Anvil, which they have created. I read, give feedback and share ideas for your work.

Social Media

Please feel free to follow me on Twitter or Twitch, and join the Heffling Discord. We'd be more than happy to welcome you in.

Twitch Schedule

  • Worldbuilding Wednesdays @ 5pm-8pm GMT/BST/UK Time - Worldbuilding on a Wednesday!
  • Forgeday Fridays @ 5pm-7pm GMT/BST/UK Time - Lighting up the forge on a Friday!
  • Heffling Community Showcase @ 5pm-8pm GMT/BST/UK Time - I read, you inspire!

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