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What is the World of the Hefflings?

It is a worldbuilding and writing project of mine. The World of the Hefflings is a fantasy world of worlds, planes and a whole bunch of random things from my imagination.

Coming soon, will be what I'm calling a Choose Your Own Adventure Roleplaying Game or CYOARPG for short. It will be a way to explore the world, as a character either on your own or with your friends. More details about this will be revealled soon!

You can find the World of the Hefflings, here

Who am I?

I should've introduced myself first, right? I am Heffé. I am a Writer, Worldbuilder and Twitch Streamer; and I often do these things all at once. I am a Guild Member (Inner Sanctum level) to World Anvil and a moderator for their Discord Server.

I love being creative, hence worldbuilding is perhaps my all time favourite hobby, interest and soon career. I get to write, draw, and learn about the wonders of the world we live in.

I also love helping others, whether that's through guiding them on how to do and use certain things in World Anvil; or just encouraging you to do your best and to put a smile of your face. This is why I stream too, as I hope to do all of that.

Why become a Patron?

Soon, I will be releasing content and exclusive things which will be Patron only content. Not only as a BIG thank you, but also to give you something in return for your support in what I do.

As a Patron, I will also be listening to your opinions about the World of the Hefflings and apply your feedback where necessary.

Honestly, this is completely optional. It is up to you. If you do decide to subcribe as a Patron I will truly be grateful. If there is anything you'd like by me and what I do for being a Patron, feel free to suggest it to me via Discord.

Social Media

Please feel free to follow me on Twitter or Twitch, and join the Heffling Discord. We'd be more than happy to welcome you in.

Twitch Schedule

  • Worldbuilding Wednesdays @ 5pm-8pm GMT/BST/UK Time - The time when I write and share some of my progress with my viewers. That's right, I write part of the World of the Hefflings live! The stream is also where I hope to help, inspire and motivate my viewers to write too.
  • Funday Fridays @ 5pm-8pm GMT/BST/UK Time - A gaming stream I do just for fun.
  • Something Sunday @ 5pm-8pm GMT/BST/UK Time - A stream where I do something on a Sunday; usually something Worldbuilding.

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