Heidi Hornlein, Show Host, Singer, Teacher, Founder of a Non-Profit is creating Online shows and international connections


$1 /mo
Thank you for thinking about us!

$2 /mo
Get my positive energy and grateful vibrations through the field which connects us

$5 /mo
You get regularly invitation by email to our live events

$9 /mo
I pick up your suggestions for topics or special guests for a live event

$15 /mo
We reserve a seat for you as participant on camera in a live event about your expertise

$25 /mo
You can participate in a private or public live group Q&A or coaching session every month

You get counseling in private session via internet

$75 /mo
Private 1:1 teaching/coaching session

$100 /mo
You can spend one week a year in Paradiso Integrale in Italy for free

$200 /mo
You can get continuous support via videos, emails and coaching for your personal growth and development