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is creating podcasts and advocacy for Universal Basic Income (UBI) in Brazil

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About Helder S Ribeiro

Hi, Helder here. I'm the creator and host of the Garantida.dev Podcast, a Portuguese-language podcast helping connect and grow the Universal Basic Income movement in Brazil, with a special focus on the software developer community.

I'm a software engineer and social entrepreneur with a track record of mobilizing people and communities for social causes, most notably as a cofounder of the Você Fiscal movement in 2014, which advocated for transparency and auditability of the Brazilian electronic voting machines, alongside Professor Diego F. Aranha. As Head of Communications, I created a successful crowdfunding campaign and led a team that got us featured in every top TV channel and newspaper in the country, and mobilized tens of thousands of people to participate in crowdsourced citizen auditing via an app I helped design and implement. I wrote high-traffic articles for the Huffington Post and got published on some of the largest Brazilian blogs. As a direct result of our efforts, the software for all the 500,000+ voting machines used in Brazilian elections got updated with an important security feature.

I've been involved in the UBI movement for over 10 years, as a donor to GiveDirectly, to the Andrew Yang 2020 campaign, the ReCivitas UBI experiment, as well as writing, social-media-ing, and talking about it non-stop.

## 🧩 Theory of Change

I don't think governments are going to be able to implement a meaningful universal basic income fast enough. We're already late. While I think we should also pressure them to do this, a truly borderless, universal, "for the people by the people" UBI can only happen if we do it ourselves.

Some of us are already doing that: GoodDollarDailyCoinCirclesOmo, among many in the #openubi#cryptoubi movement. Money we can reprogram is money that can serve us instead of the other way around.

So my goal with the podcast and advocacy work in Brazil is to raise awareness of these independent UBI initiatives among Brazilian software developers and to grow the #DevsForUBI movement. Why devs?

  • I'm a developer myself so I can relate
  • Developers are early adopters and enthusiastic evangelists of new tech and usually the first ones to introduce them to friends and family
  • Programming skills are much needed to adapt these UBI tools to local contexts and to remove barriers to adoption with smoother user experiences
  • I strongly believe that we as purveyors of automation must actively work to ensure it benefits everyone and can be welcomed instead of feared. UBI is like carbon offsetting for technological unemployment.
  • Programming is one of the shortest paths for people excluded from sources of wealth due to geography, prejudice, etc. to provide better living conditions for themselves and their families. A developer solidarity network with UBI at its core can help drive opportunities to people starting out, and to spread programming knowledge as both income generation and political-economic empowerment. In a computerized society, social change requires knowing how to rewrite the rules.
Please consider joining as a member to help bring this vision to reality.

Thank you in advance for your consideration, trust, and support.


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Full-time frugalist economic freedom fighter! With 600 USD a month I can break even on basic subsistence for me and my family and can focus 100% of my mind, my time, and my energy on UBI.
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