Sérgio Costa is creating HeliSimmer.com for the helicopter flight simulation community

Student Pilot

$2 /mo
We all start somewhere, right? $2 is not much but it will help us getting closer to our goals. You will have access to our patron-only blog stream here at Patreon.

Thank you!

Private Pilot

$5 /mo
What can I say except "thank you"? You'll get the previous rewards as well as a custom role and access to a Patron-only channel on our Discord server.

Commercial Pilot

$10 /mo
Commercial Pilots will get the previous rewards and a HeliSimmer.com sticker (1-time only).

You will also get access to non-time-sensitive content (articles/reviews/previe...

Chief Pilot

$25 /mo
Chief Pilots will get all the previous rewards and a handwritten "thank you" note (1-time only).

Insane pilot

$50 /mo
Insane pilots will get all the previous rewards plus a HeliSimmer.com t-shirt (1-time only)!