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About hello aurora

hello aurora

Our names are Jérémy and Pidsinee, we are two aurora enthusiasts who decided to create an app based on the problems we had while chasing aurora. We are trying our best to build the best app possible and hope it will help many others who share the same passion as us.

The idea came from our own difficulties and experiences with finding information about the Northern Lights forecast. We had to browse multiple sources such as weather forecast, aurora forecast, road conditions, and more to know to get the information we needed. Therefore we created an app with a lovely name, hello aurora, intending to help aurora hunters spot the aurora most easily and as safely as possible.

After 2 years, we improved the app a lot and made it more user-friendly. We added a lot of new features, requested by you, to make it as useful as possible. We are using dozens of sources from different geophysical observatories and weather agencies in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Canada and Alaska to get the most accurate real-time information for each of you out there.

To name a few of the features we have available for you:

  • Real-time aurora forecast: data updated every few minutes from accurate real-time sources
  • Northern Lights Locations: Users can see and share their locations when spotted the Northern Lights
  • Aurora Moments: Share the photo of the aurora you are seeing to other users with location, time, and aurora strength and choose emoji to react to the photos
  • Connect with aurora lovers: add information to your profile and get to know other enthusiasts
  • Your aurora hunting stats: keep your aurora stats such as how many aurora you have seen, your moments shared, and see how many people have seen your moments
  • Northern Lights alert: Notification sends to users when the aurora is visible at their location
  • Aurora possibility: display the chance of seeing the Northern Lights
  • Aurora Oval: Aurora belt display on the map screen
  • Long-term forecast: Long-term 27 days Northern Lights forecast
  • Aurora parameter: Each parameter you will need to take into account when observing the Northern Lights is explained in an easy way to understand
  • Weather alerts: Notify users of the weather alerts and warnings around their location (only available in Iceland)
  • Clouds map: high, middle, and low clouds overlay available on the map
  • Road condition: Road information (only available in Iceland)

Your contributions 💚

hello aurora is a free application available for everyone. We built it with passion and hope it will help aurora enthusiasts, like you, spot the Northern Lights easier.

Your contribution is powering this passion and will help pay the costs of development, infrastructure and services for the application which is used by hundreds of people around the world.

Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or suggestions.
$10.91 of $70 per month
This is the approximate monthly cost for running hello aurora and its services. The more users we get, the higher the costs are. Reaching this goal would be a huge help for us.

We are mostly depending on three main services. Render that hosts the servers (API and workers), Firebase that handles all the database, real-time interactions, storage, notifications, and Kamatera that generates twice a day the cloud layers visible on the map.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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