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About Hello Future Me

I have always loved writing and studying good storytelling — why certain pieces of fiction work and others... don't. That passion gave rise to the On Writing and On Worldbuilding series, and if you would like to help me keep doing that, then Patreon is the right way to do so, and thank you. <3

I also adore Tolkien, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and countless other fictional worlds, and my niche tends to be taking real world theory and applying it to these worlds: philosophy (in which I have a degree), psychology, politics, and otherwise. If you like what I do, it would mean the world for you to support me for just a couple of dollars per month. It's hard to know what I will earn from month to month, and Patreon gives me something of a reliable income that helps me:

  • Make videos of higher quality by affording my amazing editor Alex — the more I can pay him, the more time he can take off to help me.
  • Be less time-sensitive. I can make larger, more elaborate projects that require weeks to research and write.
  • Stay doing what I love on YouTube as well as pay my mortgage!
I've done videos on how to write soft and hard magic systems, the story of King Arthur and Excalibur, how Amon took bending away, the philosophy of Tolkien, and so many more. What next? Join the Discord and you'll be able to help me.

If you want the official Stay Nerdy/All Hail Mishka t-shirt, the money goes entirely to the charities we chose as a community to support (A21 and WWF), but Patreon will support me personally. It really does mean the world when you love this stuff as much as I do. I hope you feel entitled to be your nerdy, geeky self here like I do.

Thank you for supporting me <3 Stay nerdy!


1,500 - reached! patrons
Fine. FINE. Get me to this point and I'll finally do the probably three hour long takedown of The Last Airbender film that everyone wants, nobody needs, and will satisfy our worst urges.
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