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About HelloStory

This is the official Patreon campaign for HelloStory; a reboot of childrensbooksonline.org. Our mission is the same - share classic public domain books as widely as possible. New books are added regularly and new features are being rolled out constantly.

We are currently a three person team and we're working hard to share these great books and a love of literature as broadly as possible. If you like what we're doing and want to contribute you'll be helping us:

  1. Spread a love of reading
  2. Develop new features
  3. Pay for hosting
  4. Add new books

If you can't contribute monetarily there are many other ways to help. We are looking for testers, and volunteers to submit translations and transcriptions. Even just sharing our page with someone who might enjoy it is a big help. 

Thanks for visiting and keep on reading!

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